NOP (Nippon Oil Pump)

Products NOP (Nippon Oil Pump)
Applications Trochoid® Pumps, Procon Pumps, ORBMARK® Motors, VORTEX™, etc.
Features <Trochoid® Pumps> 1~8ℓ/min  1A  1ME S  1ME  1HG  1MB(With Base Coupling) 4~36ℓ/min 2HB  2MY(2HB)  2MY(2HB)  2ME S  2MB(2HB)  2.5HGA 39~117ℓ/min  N3F  3MF  N3H  3MB 116~586ℓ/min  4AM  4MB  4A For coolants  2MY(2HW)  2MY(2HW)  2HT  2MY(2HT)  2MB(2HT) For high viscosity  3V  3MB(3V)  GPL Fuel pump  GFS  GFY  GFKY  GFLY  GD(VK type)  GFH  GD(H type)  GFM <Procon Pumps>  1500 Series  1500 Series  1600 Series  1600 Series  2500 Series <ORBMARK® Motors>  ORB-A  ORB-G  ORB-M  ORB-S  ORB-SB  ORB-GWM  ORB-P  ORB-PB <VORTEX™>  C Series E Series  TAZUNA  2500 Series with motor  2600 Series  2600 Series with motor  3600 Series  3600 Series with motor