Characterized by the extraordinary flexibility of the special resin. You may feel as if no hose is attached.

Specialized elastomer product
For air-paint, air-spray, and in-factory air tools
Characterized by the extraordinary light weight with the aluminum couplers.
Nominal designation Inner diameter(mm) Outer diameter(mm) Regular size(m) Maximum working pressure MPa at 20℃ Minimum bending radius(mm) Brackets used Delivery unit
TAC-6510 6.5 10.0 10 1.5 20 One-touch aluminum coupler 10
TAC-6520 6.5 10.0 20 1.5 20 One-touch aluminum coupler 10
TAC-6530 6.5 10.0 30 1.5 20 One-touch aluminum coupler 10
TAC-6100 6.5 10.0 100 1.5 20

Specifications:Working temperature limit: Between -5℃ and + 60℃

Super flexible hose with light weight coupler!
This hose can be used in a wide variety of applications such as pegger machines, air-tuckers, and air-spray guns.
This hose may be well praised even by professional skilled workers. .
The couplers, made of aluminum, are characterized by the light weigh, resistance to damages, and increased removability and operability..
In addition, the couplers are superior in versatility which can be used for a variety of applications ranging from in-factory air piping to hose connection with air tools.