With the use of polyamide resin, the solvent resistance is significantly improved compared to conventional painting hoses.

Polyamide/Polyurethane resin product
For piping of paints and solvents
Superior in flexibility and pressure resistance, this hose will
Nominal designation Inner diameter(mm) Outer diameter(mm) Regular size(m) Maximum working pressure MPa at 20℃ Minimum bending radius(mm) Regular size weight(kg)
PB-easy-7 6.5 10.0 100 1.5 35 5.7

Specifications:Working temperature limit: Between -20℃ and + 60℃

A versatile painting hose is now available!
●As a conductive sleeve is applied around the outer layer, the grounding can be completed just by tightening the metallic joint (when the resistance value is “9 x 106Ω” or less, and the whole length is 15m or less).6Ω