Test and Measurement (A&D)

Test Instruments

Universal Testing Instruments RTF Series
RTG Series
Material Testing Instruments MCT Series
STB Series
STA Series
Physical Properties Testing Instruments RPT-3000W
Automatic Dynamic Viscoelastometer DDV-01GP
Friction and Wear Tester EFM-III Series

Rheometers & Viscometers

Rheometers RV-10000A
Viscometers SV-A Series
SV Series
Peripherals AD-1671A Anti-Vibration Table for Viscometers
AD-1671A Anti-Vibration Table for Rheometer


Pipettes MPA Series
MPB Series
Pipette Accuracy Testers AD-4212B-PT
Leak Tester AD-1690

Noise & Vibration

WCAmini AD-3661
Compact WCA AD-3651 Compact WCA AD-3651

Specialized Load Cells

X-Y Force Type Load Cells X-Y Series

Data Acquisition

Data Acquisition RA2300MKⅡ-S
RM1100 Series
Unifizer NS3000