Level Switch(KANSAI-AUTO)

Level Switch For Powder NL/NM Series NL-8B Standard Flange Type
NL-8BH Heat Resistant Type
NL-15B Withstand Load Type
NL-8DA Inner Tank Hanging Type
NM-SC Screwed Joint Type
FL-GM Explosion-proof Model
NL-8BA Adjustable Shaft Type
NL-8BS Protective-tube extension type
NNL/NNM Series NNL-8B Standard Flange Type
NNL-8BH Heat Resistant Type
NNL-15B Withstand Load Type
NNL-8DA Inner Tank Hanging Type
NNM-SC Screwed Joint Type
NNL-8BA Adjustable Shaft Type
NNL-8BS Protective-tube extension type
LS Series LS Standard Type
LS-K Square Flange Type
LS Standard Type(Wetted parts of stainless steel)
LS-S Extension Pipe Type
LS-H Heat-Resistant Type
SWM Series SWM-8B Standard Flange Type
SWM-8BH Heat Resistant Type
SWM-15B Withstand Load Type
SWM-8B Standard Flange Type(Wetted parts of stainless steel)
SWM-8BSC Screwed Joint Type(Wetted parts of stainless steel)
SWM-8BA Adjustable Shaft Type
SWM-8BS Protective-tube extension type
MWS2 Series MWS2-24TN/RN Standard Flange Type
MWS2-24TN-RN-S Screwed Joint Type
MWS2-24TN/RN-R Remote construction
For Liquid KF-200/KFG-200 Series KF-207 Standard Flange Type
KF-205TF Hi-Heat Resistant Type
KF-213 Screwed Joint Type
KF-250 Screwed Joint Type
KFG-207 Explosion-proof Model
KF-207F Vertical-mounting Type
KF-300/KFE-3000 Series KF-32 Small-caliber Type
KF-33N For Corrosive Liquid Type
KF-35 Small-caliber Type for Corrosive Liquid
KFE-3400 Explosion-proof Type
KF-805N/KARI Series KF-805N Multi-point Ball Type Float Switch
KARI MINI KARI Mini Float Switch
KARI KARI Float Switch
KS/KV/RFS/MFS Series RFS-2 Standard Type
RFS-6 Heat Resistant Type
RFS-4 L-shape  Horizontal-mounting Type
RFS-11A L-shape  Horizontal-mounting Type
MFS17-C Made of PP Standard Type
MFS9-N1 Made of PP Horizontal-mounting Type
KS3 Multi-point Type
KSPB Multi-point measurement  Screwed Joint Type(With Terminal box)
KS30TH Heat Resistant Type(With Terminal box)
KF-500 Series KF-500 Standard Type
KF-500 Flange Type・Detection Pipe Type
KF-600 Series KF-650 Remote construction
KF-660N Built-in construction
KF-677 Built-in construction
KF-688 Screwed Joint Type
For Powder and Liquid ALN/SL Series B1 Standard Type, Straight Electrode
B1.H1 Heat-resistant Type, Straight Electrode
B410.H3 Ultra Heat-resistant Type, Straight Electrode
F27 Flat Electrode with Earthing Electrode
P2.17 Teflon coating Type, Flared Straight Electrode
L1 Standard Type, Pipeline Electrode
W8.B1 Standard Type, Wire Electrode
W12 Withstand load Type, Wire Electrode
KVK/KVA/KVS/KVF Series KVK-111 High Sensitivity Type
Screwed Joint Type
KVK-23 High Sensitivity Type
Extension Protective-tube・Flange Type
KVK-36 High Sensitivity Type
Extension Protective-tube・Screw Type
KVA-121 Withstand Load Type
Flange Type
KVS-13□-C Intrinsic safety explosion-proof Type
Extension Protective-tube・Flange Type
KVF-121 Flat Type
Standard Type
KVX/XV2 Series KVX-111 Standard Type
KVX-112 Probe-Long Type
KVX-211 Remote construction
XV2-111 Standard Type (R3/4)
XV2-191 Standard Type (G3/4B)
XV2-211 Remote construction