FORGING PRESS & MANIPULATOR Pull-down type forging press 4800ton Forging Press
3000ton Forging Press
2000ton Forging Press
1500ton Forging Press
Push-down type forging press 13000ton Forging Press
8000ton Forging Press
7000ton Forging Press
5000ton Forging Press
4000ton Forging Press
2500ton Forging Press
1000ton Forging Press
Forging Manipulator 450tm Forging Manipulator
160tm Forging Manipulator
100tm Forging Manipulator
80tm Forging Manipulator
40tm Forging Manipulator
10tm Forging Manipulator
5tm Forging Manipulator
In-line press 2000ton In-line press
1600ton In-line press
3000ton High Speed In-line press
Auxiliary Equipment Control Room for Forging Facility
Automatic Die Exchange System
Light Marking System
Tool Manipulator
Ingot Car
Elevator Type Turntable
Rotary Anvil
RING ROLLING MILL Ring rolling mill 3000φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRB-3000)
4000φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-4000)
1500φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-1500)
1000φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-1000)
1600φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-1600)
Small and Medium size Ring rolling mill 800φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-800)
650φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-650)
600φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-600)
500φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-500)
300φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-300)
250φ Ring Rolling Mill(MRX-250)
Closed Twin Ring Rolling Mill
Automation Line 1500φ Fully Automated Ring Forming Line
1600φ Fully Automated Ring Forming Line
300φ Fully Automated Ring Forming Line
ENVIROMENTAL PLANTS AND EQUIPMENT Hydrothermal Treatment Plant Hydrothermal Treatment Plant
MAGNETIC SEPARATOR AND CONVEYING EQUIPMENT Magnetic separator Electro-magnetic suspended separator
Aluminum separator
Drum type magnetic separator
Link Conveyor Link Conveyor
OTHER PRODUCTS Weighing instruments Load Cell
Truck Scale
Wireless Crane Scale
Anti-Vibration Equipment For Mechanical Press
For Mechanical/Industrial Machinery (MAV-MB Series)
STEEL FABRICATION Turbine Related Product Single Piece Exhaust Cylinder For Gas Turbine(17t)
Compress Combustion Cylinder For Gas Turbine (15t)
Turbine Cylinder For Gas Turbine (23t)
Reactor・Pressure Vessel Polymerization Reactor
Plate Type Heat Exchanger
Buckets Clam Shell Bucket